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Research Interests

Empirical managerial, financial and behavioral accounting with a focus on causal settings, e.g., quasi-natural experiments.

Selected Research

  • How Important are Dividend Signals in Assessing Earnings Persistence?, with C. Homburg (University of Cologne) and C. Müller (University of Cologne), conditional accept, Contemporary Accounting Research, (2017).
  • Price and Product-Mix Decisions Under Different Cost Systems, with C. Homburg (University of Cologne) and P. Plank (University of Cologne), accepted at Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (2017).
  • The liquidity premium in CDS transaction prices: Do frictions matter?, with M. Gehde-Trapp (University of Hohenheim) and Y. Gündüz (German Central Bank), Journal of Banking and Finance, (2015), 61, 184-205.
  • CEOs versus CFOs: Managerial Optimism and Cost Behavior, with C. Chen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), T. Gores (University of Cologne) and S. Wu (University of Hong Kong), Working Paper.
  • How Does Corporate Governance Affect Firm Behavior? Panel Data versus Shock-Based Methods, with B. Black (Northwestern University) and W. Kim (Korea University Business School), Working Paper.
  • Does Cost Management Affect Credit Risk?, with C. Homburg (University of Cologne), K. Reimer (University of Cologne) and M. Uhrig-Homburg (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT), Working Paper.
  • The Role of Credit Ratings in Cost Management, with C. Homburg (University of Cologne) and M. Swam (University of Cologne), Working Paper.
  • Disclosure Enforcement Consequences – Evidence from Germany, with C. Laschewski (Bundeswehr University Munich), Working Paper.
  • Corporate Diversification and Earnings Quality, with C. Homburg (University of Cologne) and D. Nussmann (University of Cologne), Working Paper.
  • The Impact of Investor Sentiment on Operating Expenditure – A Catering Perspective, with C. Homburg (University of Cologne) and T. Gores (University of Cologne), Working Paper.
  • Conservatism Correction in Linear Information Models, with S. Henschke (University of Cologne) and C. Homburg (University of Cologne), Working Paper.
  • Beschäftigungswachstum kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen – empirische Ergebnisse für Deutschland, with A. Mohnen (TU München School of Management), in Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis, (2008), 60, 5. English Version: Growth of Small and Medium-Sized Firms in Germany, SSRN.
  • Value Reporting in der Finanzkrise, with T. Gronwald (University of Cologne), in Controlling & Management Review, (2013), 57, 6, S. 50-59.
  • Wachstum oder Profitabilität? Welche Strategie maximiert den Unternehmenswert, with M. Lorenz (University of Cologne) and C. Homburg (University of Cologne), in Der Betrieb, (2011), 19, S. 1067-1071.